Paku Korero: Strategic Thinking

We are 2 weeks away from Renewal, our first Tairawhiti Conference. Strategy without long-term perspective is useless, and clear, direct thinking about the future can help ensure the durability of your strategy. To get you in the mode for the strategic planning workshops, here are a few questions that will hopefully invoke some feelings and korero to raise:

If you were in charge of strategic planning for your organization, what changes would you make?

How many established connections/partnerships/relationships to other businesses/organisations/churches does Kahui Wahine have?

How well do we maximize existing resources/funding in order to deliver services/products to the community?

We need all our members to no only provide interesting suggestions for future initiatives, but we want to reveal any discontent with how Kahui Wahine has operated in the past. We don't want to waste valuable time and resources in this process. With the high importance of strategic planning, it is crucial to ensure Kahui Wahine is creating analytical, actionable plans for the here and now, and our future.

Come along to Renewal and have your say on the future of Kahui Wahine ki te Tairawhiti.

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